Sports clubs and federations are increasingly cooperating with companies from the gambling industry.

On the one hand, such a partnership is natural – bets are made on sports competitions, for which it is necessary to purchase rights to the results from sports federations. The fans are also naturally one of the largest groups of bookmakers’ customers. Legal regulations in many countries, including Poland, allow various forms of advertising, promotion, and sponsorship during sports events. Large federations and sports clubs, but also smaller organisations, actively seek additional funds for the development of sports. However, this often requires a good knowledge of the gambling industry, understanding the mechanisms governing it, and preparing an offer that will be attractive to advertisers and sponsors but, at the same time, will ensure the maximum possible amount of financing.

We work on a regular basis with sports federations and clubs, supporting them in their contact with gambling and betting companies. Thanks to our long-term relationships in this market, as well as our knowledge of the environment and the needs of companies operating in the industry, we are able to prepare comprehensive and effective sponsorship offers that allow additional funds to be raised for the functioning of sports federations and clubs. Our many years of experience in the marketing industry, and implementation of projects for leading global brands, allow us also to support sports organisations in their PR and marketing activities.

Examples of our Services:

Analysis of potential sponsors and their selection

Sponsorship offer

Preparation of legal documents

Sponsorship strategy

Strategy and implementation of PR activities

Strategy and implementation of marketing activities