The gambling and gaming market, as a special sector of the economy, requires smart and balanced regulation.

From the point of view of social interest, the key is to ensure the protection of the customers and to encourage operators to offer safe entertainment. From the point of view of the State’s budget, the gaming and betting sector can generate significant revenues, which can then be allocated to areas requiring the greatest support. Finding a balance between these elements and introducing solutions that will responsibly stimulate the market is one of the most important challenges that regulators face.

Thanks to our market knowledge and experience, we help regulators to better understand the market and introduce solutions that will allow for its sustainable development. From market analysis (including international markets), through identifying key success factors, to propositions of regulation and specific technical solutions, Gaming 5.0 is able to support regulators in their tasks.

Przykładowe produkty naszych prac:

Economic analysis

Legal analysis

Sector analysis

Comparative analysis

Conducting public consultations

Regulatory impact analysis

Recommendations for tax, legal and technological solutions

Supporting the legislative process