Regulations are the basis for the functioning of the gambling and gaming industry, and their knowledge is a prerequisite for proper functioning in the market.

Often, however, the dynamics of legislative changes, complicated and often contradictory provisions in the gambling law, and sometimes also the practices of controlling authorities make it difficult for a business to determine the proper way of operating. Legal questions arise on the part of operators of games and bookmakers, organisations cooperating with the industry, affiliates, internet portals, and the media.

As part of our advisory services, we also provide comprehensive legal services, both in the area of gambling law, commercial company law, high technology law, and other key areas in everyday business operations. We work closely with the regulators, which allows us not only to analyse the law literally but above all to correctly interpret it.

We work closely with one of the leading legal and tax groups which complements our knowledge and experience and allows us to provide comprehensive legal services.

Examples of our Services:

Legal advice

Legal analysis

Legal due diligence

Regulatory impact analysis

Conducting public consultations

Preparation of legal documents

Recommendations for legal solutions

Supporting the licensing process

Supporting the legislative process