The gambling and betting industry is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy.

Although the margins are not among the highest, companies from the gambling industry are often attractive acquisition targets. Nevertheless, the complexity of regulations and their frequent changes, the changing needs of customers, and various product mechanics mean that investors – business angels, investment funds, and private individuals – are not always able to independently assess the attractiveness of a company and the prospects for the development of the industry in a given country.

Thanks to our extensive experience and participation in several transactions in the gambling market, we are able to provide professional support to investors in their decision-making processes. From the initial identification of entities, through comprehensive market analysis and participation in negotiations, to providing support in concluding the contract and in the post-transaction period, Gaming 5.0 is able to meet all the needs of investors.

We work closely with one of the leading legal and tax groups, which complements our knowledge and experience and allows us to comprehensively carry out mergers and acquisitions in the Polish market and in foreign markets.

Examples of our Services:

Analysis of potential goals and their selection

Analysis of the market and competitors

Due diligence, including legal and tax

Preparation of legal and tax documents

Negotiation strategy and participation in negotiations

Strategy and merger plan, and development strategy

Interim management