For our client, a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange, the revenues from online gambling operations in the Philippines accounted for a significant portion of their income in this part of the world. In connection with the declarations of key politicians and officials from the Philippines related to the introduction of restrictions on online games and the real threat of a total ban on such games, our client’s share price dropped by 5% in one day. The client asked us to analyse the situation and its possible implications.

The Solution

A multidimensional analysis of the political and legal situation regarding the gambling market in the Philippines was carried out. The project compared Filipino legislation with other legal regimes in the region, analysed the political context, and initially analysed other potential markets for the development of the client’s operations.

This resulted in calming down investors and the stabilisation of the share price. We carried out an analysis of the risks, together with the likelihood of their occurrence, and prepared an alternative development plan for the client in the neighbouring markets.