With over a dozen years working in the gambling industry, we have seen few training courses which were interesting and provided essential knowledge, and were adapted to the realities of this market.

We participate in training courses abroad, often as lecturers, but there is often no reference to the Polish market. Different legal systems, strict regulations, and even the expectations of clients, are so varied that the practical application of the knowledge acquired there is a common problem. The Polish training services market, although very extensive, rarely takes into account the specificity of each industry.

The unique Gaming Masterclass methodology we have developed is a response to the growing educational needs of employees of the gambling and sports betting industry, as well as all those who work together with the industry or intend to establish cooperation. The programme we offer combines thorough and proven theoretical knowledge with a very strong attitude to its practical application in the realities of the Polish gambling market.

Each meeting in the Gaming Masterclass series is devoted to one specific issue. We invite the best Polish experts – representatives of the regulator, leading companies from the industry, practitioners, and people who are able to effectively convey their knowledge and experience.

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